What are Throttle Controllers?


Windbooster Throttle Controllers are a product that helps alleviate the lag associated with electronic drive-by-wire throttle technology in modern vehicles. They also allow users to tune their cars throttle ramp-up response to better suit their driving style and driving conditions.


And, it is as simple as Plug & Play!


How do they work?


Our controllers operate by inputting new reference, mapping, points into your cars throttle pedal assembly - which is also where they are plugged into or installed.

Once installed, the screen will display our data as modes & values and, from there, lets you quickly and easily modify your throttle ramp-up response for either a sharper or damper reaction - depending on what you select!



The TB Throttle Controller.


Simplicity with a little flair can go a long way.


The Windbooster TB throttle controller is simply that and helps keep the guesswork to a minimum by only including two modes, our Performance and Economy modes.


With its gold design and numbered display for smoother and simpler operation, the TB also houses the following features.




  • Three (3) modes to choose from – Normal, Economy and Performance.
  • Ten (10) levels of throttle adjustability in Economy and Performance.
  • Gold-accented, blacked-out, acrylic front panel.
  • Injected ABS frame with aluminium mode and setting buttons.




Are you wondering what our modes do? Let’s take a look!






This mode is non-adjustable and reverts the vehicle to its factory-set response, lame and tame.


Normal mode is handy when having your vehicle is to be serviced; to help mechanics with a more natural feel of your car.




We have all heard the phrase slow & steady wins the race, and economy mode does precisely that.


Economy mode dampens your throttle to gain you more control over your cars throttles ramp-up response, reducing wheelspin & traction-loss and increases your manoeuvrability & control.


Examples of where a dampened response is excellent are wet weather driving conditions, technical driving, and reversing trailers, caravans or boats - not to mention the potential it has also shown around fuel-efficiency.


The economy mode also has ten levels of sensitivity to filter through, so you can find a range that suits your driving style and driving conditions.




Ever been on a merry-go-round and noticed how slow they go? Well, this mode isn’t like that.


Which, we hope you like your car more than a merry-go-round even though they are secretively cool too.


Performance mode helps you get more from your car whilst still working within factory parameters - for added peace of mind. 


Achieved by sharpening your throttle pedal parameters to introduce an enhanced throttle curve - the result is a sharper and more reactive throttle response the higher the setting.


Performance mode also has ten levels of sensitivity, much like the Economy mode, so that you can find a setting that best reflects your driving.


Levels 0-4 are fantastic for daily drives and driving around town, whilst levels 5-9 are for racing and spirited driving scenarios.


Every Windbooster Throttle Controller comes with a 5 Year Warranty against manufacturer defects in material, performance and workmanship.

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